Sigma Square Capital

The Real Asset Company


We are passionate about real assets because we believe they offer one of the best risk adjusted returns and diversification benefits to a long term investor.

Our first fund offering is India Grade A Office Fund. The fund follows a core plus strategy focusing on Grade A prime offices in India. The fund is expected to deliver an alpha of 500+ bps in USD.

What are Real Assets?

Real assets are low risk, tangible assets that are expected to provide capital appreciation and stable income through strong contractual arrangements, low operating risks and/or essentiality of service.

Examples: Office, Warehouses, Solar power plants, etc.

Benefits of Real Assets

  1. Higher risk adjusted return

  2. Lower risk and volatility, and backed by tangible assets

  3. Predictable income stream

  4. Natural inflation hedge

  5. Higher resiliency to economic cycle because of their essentiality

  6. Diversification benefits given that the real assets are less correlated to equities and bonds